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ARBOLAR is a company specialized in the field of tourism, education, sport and free time. We organize all kinds of programmes of activities addressed to children and young people, such as camps, study trips, sportive camps, communal livings, family holidays, etc.

Arbolar is a professional, fully devoted organizer of summer camps and other kind of children’s, youth’s and family’s activities – during the year. Other companies of this same sector develop camps at exceptional moments of the year, but they lack a proper staff, their own facilities and quite often, they even lack the required permits to develop this kind of activities.

Our Residence and Active Tourism Centre is intended to organize all these activities and also harbour our participants. The same centre comprises the accommodation and the water sports’ facilities, thus all our attendees sleep, eat and perform the activities without having to deal with troublesome daily journeys.

The residence belongs to ARBOLAR and directly managed by us, with all the advantages involved:


We do not depend on third parties or any other subcontractors. This way, we are able to control all factors influencing the quality of the programmes offered (activities, instructors, care, etc.).

All programmes developed in our Residence count on our direct control. Thus, our hosts neither live with other external groups that are not part of our activities – as it may happen in other centres (hotels, sports centre, pubs, etc.) –, nor live with other people, thus we can avoid difficulties, security risks, etc.

All matters relating to supply (nutrition) are in direct management, thus we offer an added control over all aspects:

Our residence’s nourishment is acquired, stored and prepared by us. In this manner, we are able to control all aspects of its production, as well as we ensure its maximum quality.

Menus adapted to special needs: vegetarians, special diets, etc.

We keep a strict control over those participants who have special nutritional needs concerning intolerances, allergies and other aspects that may affect their health.

ARBOLAR’s residence is located in a unique setting, on the beach front of the Mar Menor. Together with its idyllic landscape, our participants will enjoy the experience, as the Mar Menor offers optimal security conditions for any kind of nautical activities.

We offer all services and a very complete programme of activities. Our staff offers a personalized dedication to all our camp participants from the very beginning of their stay.

Oversight of instructors during the whole programme, twenty-four-seven.

ARBOLAR complies scrupulously with all current regulations, and it is recognized not only by the official bodies of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, but also by the British AAIAC (Adventures Activities Industry Advisory Commitee), together with the certificate of recognition of security and quality in the execution of nautical activities.

Officially recognized as an Active Tourism Company by the Regional Tourism Ministry of the Region of Murcia.

Recognized as School of Entertainment and Free-Time Education by the Public Authority for Youth and Sports of the Region of Murcia.

Public liability insurance and injuries.

Our Camps are officially registered with the Public Authority for Youth and Sports of the Region of Murcia.

Our Camps comply with the law in force regarding youth activities according to the decree nº 80/July 26, 2013, by means of which leisure activities in Murcia are regulated.

In ARBOLAR, we are convinced that our camps are special and that the vast majority of our participants have concluded this experience extremely delighted, as well as most of them will repeat the experience.

If you are looking for a summer camp for your children, we encourage you to take into account these reasons which entail in the offered quality and guarantee.


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