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Is there any possibility that my son can use his mobile phone?

Yes. However, the phone must be off during the practice of the activities. In any case, parents can contact their children at lunch or dinner time.

Similarly, it is not allowed to bring any other technological device (tablets, games, etc.), but cameras.

You could telephone the service instructor’s personal phone - provided before initiating the camp (available 24 hours).

No. Family and relatives authorized can visit the child at any time. Nevertheless, due to the camp’s brevity, we do not consider necessary a compulsory visit.

It is necessary to ask the visit date previously in order to confirm that there is no activity programmed.

Yes, but maybe participants won’t require its usage. Thus, we recommend that they should bring enough clothes for the whole camp (t-shirts and shorts basically).

No. It is not allowed the entrance to the children rooms. If it was necessary, an instructor would go with you.

Yes. However, other activities planned by the child’s relatives beyond the frame of ours should be specifically authorized by his/her parents.

Just let us know. We can adapt the diet to the child’s necessities and administer his/her medication.

Yes. We are very aware of this problem. During the sailings, the participant should wear a t-shirt, a cap and shoes compulsorily. Moreover, our instructors take care of children’s protection.

Yes. Children always sail with life vests and accompanied by their professional monitors. There is always a rescue boat close to them.

Children can just move within the limits of the camp. If they want to go out, they will be accompanied by their instructors.


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